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Now Performing in the Rocky Top Theater
167 East Wears Valley Road Suite #17 (Shops of Pigeon Forge) Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


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Made in the USA! - Pigeon Forge's Only Red Skelton Tribute Show



Most Americans are catching on to the fact that if we want America to prosper in this tough economic environment, we need to support American businesses. Americans can find quality and value taking pride in the only Pigeon Forge show that pays tribute to a true American classic comedian who was born in the USA, Richard Bernard Skelton.



Richard Bernard Skelton, better known to the American public as Red Skelton, was born the son of a circus clown in the small town of Vincennes Indiana. Vincennes is the home of the Red Skelton Festival that happens every year during the second week of June.



Red Skelton was born on July 18th 1913 in a home that sits across the street from Vincennes University, home of the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center, officially dedicated on Friday, February 24, 2006.



Red Skelton took pride in being an American and when World War II broke out he immediately went to enlist to serve our country. He asked for no special treatment while in the army and was asked to be the funny man that he was after doing all the regular drills and routines expected of all enlisted men.



Red worked very hard as a private in the United States Army and because of his commanding officers ordering him to perform for the troops or risk disciplinary actions, he remained a private. Private Skelton spent many a night entertaining the brass and then went out of his way to make sure the morale of his fellow ranks were always at their highest through his comedy antics.



Brian Hoffman's Tribute to Red Skelton remains true to the great American spirit of Red Skelton. This show is "Made in the USA" and performed by an American using products that are made in the USA in one of America's favorite destinations,... Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.



To help get America going again the Red Skelton Tribute show is offering a great recession buster. Call 724-513-4031 and ask about the Red Skelton USA "Recession Buster".


Have a safe trip when Visiting Pigeon Forge and may God bless.



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