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167 East Wears Valley Road Suite #17 (Shops of Pigeon Forge) Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


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Red Skelton Las vegas Sands, Venetian  

Red Skelton Performs at the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada



"So Far Ahead It Will Always Be New", that's what it said on the postcards and programs when Red Skelton performed at the Las Vegas Sands Hotel in the 1960's. Even though the Sands is now the Venetian, Red Skelton's spirit is still alive and well living in Las Vegas.



When Red Skelton performed in Las Vegas in the 1960's, his television show was in it's second decade. With the medium of television making Red Skelton a household name, he was known for breaking box office records. His shows were always sold out and he loved to give his audiences everything he had.



Sometimes giving it your all is Las Vegas is not always a good thing, especially when the casinos wanted people out of the show and back on the gaming floor. After a slight disagreement between the management of the Riviera and Red Skelton, he signed a long term contract with the president of the Sands Hotel alowing him to perform as long of a show as he wanted and the audiences loved it.



Jack Entratter was the president of the Sands Hotel and fan of Red Skelton. He was delighted to have Red Skelton drawing crowds to his Casino. So when Red Skelton asked for a slot machine be put in his suite so he could drop in quarters whenever he wanted, with the agreement that he could get back all the money he put into the machine at the end of his scheduled performances, Mr. Entratter agreed.



Afternoons in Las Vegas captures the spirit of Red Skelton with Brian Hoffman performing the jokes and routines Red was famous for in the showroom at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel Casino and Spa, 160 E Flamingo Road. (across the street from the back side of Bally's) CLICK HERE or on the Show Schedule button above and reserve your seat to re-live great memories of Red Skelton, one of "America's Favorite Clowns".



"Goodnight now and may God bless"

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