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Churches in Las Vegas



When people think of Las Vegas the first thing that comes to mind is "SIN CITY". There is a lot more to Las Vegas than sin. God is in Las Vegas as well. Everywhere you look, you can find good God loving people. Las Vegas is full of good churches and synagogues with lots of groups doing God's work in Las Vegas.



When seeking out a church or a synagogue, whether it's for getting married in Las Vegas or for becoming a member, seek out a church or synagogue that teaches the Bible. The Bible is God's word and we are God's creation. Below is a partial list of just some of the churches and synagogues in Las Vegas. We here at the Red Skelton Tribute show hope this list of churches and synagogues helps you to find what you are looking for. As Red himself always said at the end of every show,...and may God bless.


Little Church of the West  -  4617 South Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas (702) 739-7971


Guardian Angel Cathedral  -  302 Cathedral Way Las Vegas (702) 735-5241


Spiritualist Desert Church  -  3305 Spring Mountain Rd # 51 Las Vegas (702) 876-8783


International Church of Las Vegas  -  8100 Westcliff Drive Las Vegas (702) 242-2273


Mountaintop Faith Ministries  -  2845 Lindell Road Las Vegas (702) 367-1636


Cornerstone Christian Fellowship  -  5825 Eldora Avenue Las Vegas (702) 871-5050


St Anne Catholic Church  -  1901 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 735-0510


Teaching of the Inner Christ  -  3160 South Valley View Boulevard Las Vegas (702) 367-8911


Paradise Church  -  2525 Emerson Avenue Las Vegas (702) 732-8555


St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church  -  2250 East Maule Avenue Las Vegas (702) 361-2431


Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church Las Vegas  -  5959 South Hualapai Way Las Vegas (702) 459-7778


Christ the King Catholic Community  -  4925 South Torrey Pines Drive Las Vegas (702) 871-1904


St Anne Catholic Church    - 1901 S Maryland Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 735-0510


St. Viator Catholic Community  -  2461 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas (702) 733-8323


St. Paul Jung Ha Sang Las Vegas Korean Church  -  6080 South Jones Boulevard Las Vegas (702) 222-4349


Our Lady of Wisdom  -  2120 Lindell Road Las Vegas (702) 873-5101


Hope Baptist Church  -  8215 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 100 Las Vegas (702) 896-5924


Shadow Hills Baptist Church  -  7811 Vegas Dr. Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 880-7811


Southern Hills Baptist Church  -  5840 La Costa Canyon Court Las Vegas (702) 388-7422


Warm Springs Baptist Church of Las Vegas NV  -  2075 East Warm Springs Road Las Vegas (702) 361-7070


First Southern Baptist Church  -  700 E Saint Louis Ave Las Vegas (702) 732-3100


Good Samaritan Lutheran Church  -  8425 West Windmill Lane Las Vegas (702) 873-3589


The Lakes Lutheran Church  -  8200 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas (702) 363-2515


First Good Shepherd Lutheran Church / School  -  301 South Maryland Parkway Las Vegas (702) 382-8610


Community Lutheran Church  -  3720 East Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas (702) 458-2241


Water of Life Lutheran Church  -  5430 South Grand Canyon Drive Las Vegas (702) 253-7087


Christ Lutheran Church  -  111 North Torrey Pines Drive Las Vegas (702) 878-1176


Family Worship Christian Church  -  3945 E Patrick Lane Las Vegas (702) 880-9673


Canyon Ridge Christian Church  -  6200 West Lone Mountain Road Las Vegas (702) 658-2722


The Crossing  -  7950 West Windmill Lane Las Vegas (702) 947-2080


New Bethany Family Worship Center  -  1229 W Owens Las Vegas (702) 648-5665


Abundant Grace Church  -  7385 Prairie Falcon Rd # 4-110 Las Vegas (702) 655-3619


Temple Beth Sholom  -  10700 Havenwood Lane Las Vegas (702) 804-1333


Lev HaShem Messianic Congregation of Las Vegas  -  3644 N Rancho Dr Las Vegas (702) 869-8983


Chabad of Summerlin  -  2640 Regatta Dr Las Vegas (702) 855-0770


Chabad of Southern Nevada  -  1261 Arville Street Las Vegas (702) 259-0770


Young Israel Aish  -  9590 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas (702) 360-8909


Congregation Shaareit Tefilla  -  1331 South Maryland Parkway Las Vegas (702) 384-3565



The Red Skelton Comedy Show in Las Vegas does not recommend any of the above churches or synagogues in Las Vegas. As a person seeking the Lord, and God's word, you need to take it upon yourself to go and check out the church or synagogue of your choice and find out for yourself if it is the right one for you.



This list is solely for the benefit of the individual who is looking to find a church or synagogue in Las vegas and make up their own mind as to wether or not to become a member of that congregation.

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