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Red Skelton Pigeon Forge Brian Hoffman

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Junior the "Mean Widdle Kid"



Junior the Mean Widdle Kid was your typical young boy full of mischief.


Junior was known for doing the things that he was not suppose to do.



Red Skelton Character Junior the Mean Widdle Kid



Junior the "Mean Widdle Kid" was one of the main characters on the Red Skelton Radio Show which aired on Tuesday nights.



Red Skelton, Junior the Mean Widdle Kid, Red Skelton Tribute



Junior the Mean Widdle Kid was famous for saying, "If I dood it, I gets a whipping,..if I don't dood it, I gets a whipping,....I dood it!


In 1942 Red Skelton Starred in the movie "I Dood It" but Red did not play the part of Junior the Mean Widdle Kid in the movie. Skelton played the part of an employee in a Dry Cleaners shop


The catch phrase "I Dood It" became such a part of the natural culture that when General Doolittle conducted the bombing of Tokyo in 1942 several newspapers used the phrase, "Doolittle Dood It" as the headline.



The Red Skelton Tribute show in Pigeon Forge is currently writing a routine for Junior in his outfit and uses some of the jokes that aired both on the radio and on Red Skelton Television show.


Next time you visit, take in the Best Afternoon Tribute show in Pigeon Forge, Brian Hoffman's Remembering Red - A Tribute to Red Skelton. Click on the Buy Tickets Now image located below to reserve your seats.


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"Goodnight now and May God Bless"

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