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The Brady Bunch



The Brady Bunch is a TV sitcom of the 1960's and 1970's. The show originally aired in September on the 26th day of 1969 and ran until March 8th, 1974. Tha Brady Bunch aired on ABC and was syndicated internationally.



The story behind the show was there were two sets of single parents, one was widowed and the other supposedly divorced, but it was never really mentioned. Each of the parents with three kids. The Man, Mike Brady had three boys and Carol Martin, had three girls. Mike and Carol got married and they became the Brady Bunch.


The cast of characters consisted of:


Carol Brady was played by Florence Henderson


Mike Brady was played by Robert Reed


Marcia Brady was played by Maureen McCormick


Greg Brady was played by Barry Williams


Jan Brady was played by Eve Plumb


Peter Brady was played by Christopher Knight


Cindy Brady was played by Susan Olsen


Bobby Brady was played by Mike Lookinland


Alice Nelson was played by Ann B. Davis



The Bradys' dog, Tiger — The original dog that played Tiger was hit by a florist truck and killed early in the first season. They tried another dog but it didn't work out too well so they wrote him out of the script having an episode where he has disappeared.



How the Brady Bunch came to be goes a little something like this. In 1965, after the success of his TV series Gilligan's Island, Sherwood Schwartz has an idea for The Brady Bunch after reading in the Los Angeles Times that 40% of marriages in the US had a child or children from a previous marriage.



Schwartz set to work on a pilot script which he called Mine and Yours and passed it around the "big three" television networks of the era. ABC, CBS and NBC all liked the script but each network wanted changes before they would commit to filming so Schwartz shelved the project.



There are some similarities between the series and the 1968 theatrical release Yours, Mine and Ours starring Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball. The original script for The Brady Bunch predated the script for the film. The success of the film was a factor in ABC's decision to order episodes for the Brady Bunch series.



The Brady House photo's of the outside were of a real house. It was a Mid Century modern, split level. A false window was attached to the front's A-frame section to give the illusion it had two full stories. The inside of the brady house is located in Studio City, within the city limits of Los Angeles, California.



The Brady Bunch never achieved high ratings during its primetime run, in fact it never got into the top 30 so it was canceled in 1974 after five seasons and 117 episodes. Despite its less-than-stellar primetime ratings, the show would became a true cultural phenomenon, enduring in the minds of Americans and in syndication for decades. The series has spawned several sequel series on the networks. Along with made-for-TV movies, as well as a touring stage show and countless specials and documentaries on both network and cable TV.



According to Schwartz, the reason the show has become such a big part of American TV history, even though there have been other shows that ran longer, rated higher and were critically acclaimed is that the episodes were written from the standpoint of the children and addressed the situations that children dealt with, such as girl trouble, sibling rivalry and meeting famous people such as a rock star or baseball players. The Bradys also became a harmonious family, unlike so many other shows where the families always fight such as the Simpson's , All in the Family and The Bundy's



Sherward Schwartz had his hand in another successful TV show from the 50's and 60's, The Red Skelton Show. Re-live that golden age of television by attending Brian Hoffman's Remembering Red - A Tribute to Red Skelton.



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