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Red Buttons



Red Buttons was born Aaron Chwatt on February 5, 1919 in New York City to Jewish immigrants by the name of Sophie and Michael Chwatt. Red Buttons passed away on July 13, 2006 at the age of 87. The combination of his red hair and the shiny buttoned bellhop uniform was what inspired orchestra leader Charles "Dinty" Moore to call him Red Buttons, the name under which he would later perform.



At age seven, Red Buttons could be seen performing on street corners for pennies. The act at that time consisted of singing the popular songs of the day - his boyish alto voice was a natural for choirs, and Red Buttons sang in the celebrated Coopermans Choir for three years with the then world famous Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt.



In 1939, Red went to work for Minsky, the youngest burlesque comedian in the business. He billed himself as the "Only Burlesque Comedian With All His Own Teeth".



Buttons spent several years touring and performing comedy on stage. He starred on TV's Red Buttons Show in the early 1950s, playing recurring characters in sketch comedy bits that were sometimes amusing, other times just plain annoying. The show's theme song, "Ho-ho, hee-hee, haw-haw, strange things are happening!" became Buttons's catch phrase, and the program drew big ratings at first, but audiences grew weary of his schtick. After two seasons the show was cancelled, then picked up by another network, where it was soon cancelled again.



In 1966, Red did the ABC television series called "The Double Life of Henry Phyfe". Red Buttons was a guest on every major television show - Ed Sullivan, Andy Williams, Dinah Shore, Perry Como, Redd Fox, Eddie Fisher, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Bill Cosby Show, and many Dean Martin Roasts where he did his famous "Never Got a Dinner" routine.



Red Buttons has a star on Hollywood and Vine - full circle for a ghetto kid who started by entertaining on street corners. Red Buttons has been honored by The City of Hope "Spirit of Life" Award; the Eddie Cantor Foundation's "Suzie" Award; the Friar's Club "Lifetime Achievement" Award; and the Junior Achievement Award for his charitable contributions to all causes.



If you remember Red Buttons than you probably remember another comedian named Red,...Red Skelton. Come and enjoy a blast from the past with Brian Hoffman's Remembering Red - A Tribute to Red Skelton. Click on Show Schedule to see dates, times and make reservations to see the show. "Goodnight now and may God bless"

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